Employers Say They Can’t Find Good Workers, but the Fix Is Simple

A 'now hiring' sign advertising jobs fails to attract attention from prospective candidates

A “now hiring” sign advertising jobs fails to attract attention from prospective candidates | Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

It may be hard to believe for people in certain areas, but America is still brimming with opportunity. Though the economy is still shaky, and we’re likely due for some recessionary rumblings in the near future, we’re sitting near full-employment and most people who want jobs are able to find them. Still, many parts of the country are suffering from the results of globalization. Employers have sent jobs to other parts of the world or axed them completely, in some cases.

Yet, there are still millions and millions of job openings out there. And incredibly enough, there are many employers who are complaining that they can’t find anyone to come work for them — or at least anyone who is qualified.

A July report from the Dallas Federal Reserve, previously covered by Business Insider, contained a couple of quotes from employers explaining their plight. “Entry-level candidates cannot read or follow instructions. Most cannot do simple math problems. What is wrong with the educational system?” asked one employer. “The ability to find qualified employees is our largest problem at this time,” said another.

This is at odds with what we’ve been hearing for many years now — that there simply aren’t enough jobs out there, and that has caused the labor participation rate to fall, and for many American communities to suffer. But evidently, that’s not quite the case. The jobs are out there. People just don’t want them.