These Clean Energy Companies Will Help Save the World When Climate Change Kicks Into Full Gear

Regardless of your views of fossil fuels, they are a finite source of energy and the world demands a lot of energy. Renewables are the future of clean energy production on this planet. And there are companies who already know that and are taking the lead in renewable energy production.

Thomson Reuters created a top 100 list for energy leaders in the world based on eight criteria that went “beyond the balance sheet” to evaluate each company’s worth in the world. Here are the top 25 renewable energy companies for 2017 that will be leading us into the future. You won’t believe who is and isn’t on this list.

25. Xiangtan Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (XEMC)

Parabolic mirrors in a Solar energy plant in California

Parabolic mirrors in a Solar energy plant in California are a cool example of Solar Thermal Power. | FroukjeBrouwer

XEMC produces everything from electric motors and pumps, to solar thermal energy products and wind energy products. The company has been around since 1936 and has been leading in innovation and research ever since.

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24. Vestas

Vestas office building in Aarhus

Vestas office building in Aarhus | ricochet64/Getty Images

Vestas Wind Systems is based out of Denmark and is the worlds largest producer of wind turbines. In total, Vestas Wind Turbines can produce 486 Gigawatts or 16% of the worlds installed global base.

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23. VERBIO United Energy AG

Man pumping gas.

A man pumping gas | tom Merton/ Getty Images

Verbio is a German-based alternative fuel company. They specialize in manufacturing biofuels made from agricultural waste and what is considered none food sources. Their production of biofuels doesn’t interrupt the supply at all.

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22. TPI Composites

wind turbine blades awaiting assembly

Wind turbine blades awaiting assembly | CreativeNature_nl/Getty images

TPI Composites is the largest North American producer of composite wind turbine blades. They are also leading innovators in wind blade transportation to help bring the world the power of the wind.

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21. Suzlon Energy LTD

Windmill farm.

Windmill farm | Herraez/Getty Images

Suzlon Energy LTD provides wind energy solutions for a growing global market. They operate in 18 countries and command a workforce of around 8,500 employees.

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20. SunPower Corporation

A large solar array over green fields with a blue sky

Central Texas solar energy farm aerial over thousands of solar collectors near Webberville, Texas | Roschetzky/Getty Images

SunPower Corporation provides solar solutions for power plants and corporations, and personal home systems as well. They currently have the most durable solar technology which will be useful for long-term dependency goals.

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A SUNGROW solar system with a energy storage device in the background.

A SUNGROW solar system with an energy storage device in the background | SUNGROW

SUNGROW provides solar power systems for both large-scale operations and personal use. Their systems include a complete storage device which is one of the biggest hurdles in solar technology.

Next: Edison would be proud.

18. Sun Edison

Solar Power Plant in modern city,Sustainable Renewable Energy.

A solar power plant in a modern city would help create sustainable renewable energy. | kynny/Getty Images

After a brief restructuring period, Sun Edison is on track to complete all of its global projects. Sun Edison builds and operates solar and wind energy plants around the globe.

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17. Solar World

Large Scale Solar PV Rooftop System on Curve Roof.

Large scale solar PV rooftop system on a curved roof | WichienTep/Getty Images

Solar World is a large scale manufacturer of solar panels worldwide. Based out of Germany, this company produces monocrystalline PERC solar cells for the ever-growing market of solar technologies.

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16. Siemens Gamesa

Wind turbines on a beach.

Europe is fully embracing wind technologies for a sustainable future. | Getty Images

Siemens Gamesa was formed as a merger between Siemens Wind Power and Gamesa Corporación Tecnológica in 2017. They are now on track to be providing products and services for all of Europes wind technology needs.

Next: Asia is taking the lead.

15. Shanghai Aerospace Electromechanical Co.

Solar panel on blue sky background. Green grass and cloudy sky. Alternative energy concept

China is making huge advances towards more sustainable energies. | Smitt/Getty Images

Shanghai Aerospace Electromechanical company is providing solar energy solutions across China and the rest of the world. Their use of integrating aerospace technologies into sustainable energy solutions gives them an edge on the global market.

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14. Risen Energy Co.

Solar panels juxtaposed to a chinese city landscape.

Solar and modern cities | WangAnQi/Getty Images

Risen Energy Corporation owns more than 45 “key core technologies” setting them apart from other solar manufacturers. Risen may help lead China to an energy independence that most would dream of.

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13. Renewable Energy Group

an explosion of yellow blooming of the rapeseed plant

Biofuels are quickly becoming a very desirable energy source. | antinoris/Getty Images

Renewable Energy Group is a leading manufacturer and provider of biofuels. They produce biofuels from fats, oils, greases, and sugars. Bio-Diesel may be a sustainable solution for liquid fuels in the future.

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12. Pacific Ethanol

An ethanol plant in Saskatchewan.

An ethanol plant in Saskatchewan | bobloblaw/Getty Images

Pacific Ethanol is a North American based ethanol producer. Currently, they have 9 plants scattered across the Mid-West and West coast. Each location is strategically situated to service each area effectively.

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11. Motech Industries Inc.

workers and machinery in a solar panel manufacturing industry factory.

Workers and machinery in a solar panel manufacturing industry factory | fanjianhua/Getty Images

Motech Industries manufactures solar panels and installs systems across the world. They have been around for nearly 40 years and provide a long history of providing high-quality solar products.

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10. Jiangsu Akcome Science & Technology Co., Ltd.

Photovoltaic panels of solar power station in the landscape at sunset.

Photovoltaic panels of a solar power station in the landscape at sunset | Milos-Muller/Getty Images

Jiangsu Akcome Science and Technology Company provides high-quality solar solutions. They have been around just over a decade and have quickly established themselves as a global leader in solar technologies.

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9. Inox Wind

Wind Turbines on a ridgeline.

India is starting to catch up to sustainable energy demands for the new age | Mimadeo/Gatty Images.

Inox Wind is the only Indian company to make this list. They provide wind power technologies and services throughout India and are slated to lead the pack in wind energy in India.

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8. Hanergy Thin Film Energy Group

Array of thin film solar cells or amorphous silicon solar cells in solar power plant turn up skyward absorb the sunlight from the sun use light energy to generate electricity alternative renewable energy from the sun

An array of thin film solar cells or amorphous silicon solar cells in a solar power plant | Airubon/Getty Images

Hanergy Thin Film Energy Group is a leading energy technology group dedicated to researching and developing a thin-film solar technology. Thin film solar technology can provide a lot more flexibility in different products and expand solars range of use in different products. It’s essentially the next generation in solar technology.

Next: Protect the environment and save the future.

7. Guodian Technology and Environment Group

Hands holding and caring a green young plant

With a focus on the environment, anyone can have a successful business. | amenic181/Getty Images

Guodian Technology & Environment Group is a two-part business for future. It first serves to provide environmental protection and business energy solutions, and then it also produces renewable energy manufacturing services.

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6. Green Plains

Fresh cob of ripe corn on green field at sunset.

Making sure you are using all of your product is a great way to have a sustainable and diverse product. | kurmyshov/Getty Images

Green Plains produces more than just cattle feed, food, and corn oil. It also produces Biofuels. Currently, they are the third largest supplier of Ethanol in the world with 17 factories across the United States. They produce nearly 1.5 billion gallons each year.

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5. Global Pv Q

Photovoltaic with cloudy sky reflection.

Photovoltaic with cloudy sky reflection | Petmal/Getty Images

Global Pv Q is a German-based producer of photovoltaic solar cells. It was formerly known as Q-Cells.

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4. GCL Poly Energy Holdings

Pattern of solar cell wafers in photovoltaic solar panel with sun glare.

The pattern of solar cell wafers in a photovoltaic solar panel with sun glare | Pi-Lens/Getty Images

GCL Poly Energy Holdings is a Hong Kong-based polysilicon wafer producer. Those wafers are what make a solar cell work and they have become one of the worlds largest supplier of high-quality polysilicon wafers.

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3. First Solar

woman's hands holding sunlight

The sun used as energy is certainly the sustainable way of the future.| Ipopba/iStock/Getty Images

First Solar is the worlds largest producer, manufacturer, and operator of solar power plants.

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2. Crop Energies

Tractor cultivating field at spring,aerial view.

The food we consume is energy, after all. | valio84sl/Getty Images

Crop Energies is the largest producer of bioethanol in the world. According to the companies website, they produce 1.3 million cubic meters of ethanol per year or 343.2 million gallons per year.

Next: Now for number 1 on the list, and it isn’t who you think it is. 

1. Canadian Solar Inc.

Solar energy panels against sunset sky. Green energy

Solar energy panels against the sunset sky | vencavolrab/Getty Images

Canadian Solar is one of the largest solar companies in the industry and employs more than 9,500 people. It looks like solar is the is the winning industry for the future right now. Who knows what bright future this will take us to.

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