Britney Spears and 14 Other Expensive Celebrity Child Support Settlements

14. Curtis ’50 Cent’ Jackson

50 cent smiles while speaking into a microphone

Curtis Jackson claims to have paid out $1,369,400 in child support. | Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Monthly child support: $11,030

Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson makes alimony payments to former girlfriend Shaniqua Tompkins. Jackson is quite thrilled about the fact that he won’t have to pay child support anymore in a few short months, when his son turns 20 years old later this year. Jackson claims to have paid out $1,369,400 so far. He was so happy about the payments ending that he took to Instagram to share his delight. Jackson stated in his post that his child’s mother will no longer have a “free ride” and “might want to get a job.” Jackson also has another son, named Sire, with ex-girlfriend Daphne Joy. He pays an estimated $4,330 per month for this child.

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