15 Secrets You Need to Know to Avoid Going Broke at the Grocery Store

It’s a nice sentiment: clipping a few pieces of paper and saving big on key staples during your next shopping outing. Who wouldn’t fall in love with the idea of paying very little for a lot of stuff? But as many couponing reality shows suggest, only the most dedicated prevail when it comes to extreme couponing.

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to be a member of some secret club to gain access to the best kept couponing secrets. We can all be extreme couponers in our own right just by adhering to a few key principles. So how can you cut back on your spending and still keep your sanity in check? Let’s take a quick look at the best couponing secrets to get you started saving money the right way.

1. Forge a friendly relationship with your cashier

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A cashier can make or break your savings attempt. | iStock.com/Antonio_Diaz

The secret to your success as a couponer largely depends on the cashier scanning each coupon you present them. Make an effort to establish a working relationship with one cashier at each of your preferred stores, so they’re more likely to be patient during your transactions.

Remember annoying actions — such as refusing to go to customer service to voice your complaints about price discrepancies, yelling at the clerk, or showing up unprepared with an unruly pile of coupons — are no way to make friends with your cashier.

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