Facebook and Friends Rake in Election Day Eyeballs

Social media users are sharing not only their photos, but now their voting choices for the presidential election. For example, Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) has created a representation of how many people voted. This will keep getting updated as more people share their information after leaving the polls.

This kind of data gets more interesting as “The Crowdwire” further distills content into who people are actually voting for. At present, the site shows President Barack Obama leading by more than half. Crowdwire gets this information from Twitter and Facebook users who are sharing their preferences. It calls it the “Live Social Media Exit Poll.” It is a project of Bluefin Labs, a brainchild of the MIT Media Lab. Of course, this data should be digested cautiously as social media will clearly skew toward the younger demographic.

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Facebook isn’t the only platform leveraging the election. Twitter has an index that calculates how each candidate is doing through mentions of the candidate’s full or last name. Carried out by analytics platform Topsy, it “compares how positively the candidates are talked about to calculate their sentiment score.” Currently, Obama has a ten point an edge.

Although social media conversations are steering towards the direction of the President, it will nonetheless be interesting to see if they were accurate in predicting the next leader of the United States.

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