Facebook CEO Announces Internet.org Partnership and 2 Other Hot Stocks to Watch

Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB): Current price $41.48

Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg on Thursday announced the launch of Internet.org, a worldwide partnership aimed providing Internet access to an additional 5 billion people. Presently, only 2.7 billion people, just more than one-third of the world’s population, have access to the Internet. Internet adoption is increasing by less than 9 percent annually, according to a Facebook press release.


Dell Inc. (NASDAQ:DELL): Current price $13.78

Dell on Thursday introduced its Dell 20 Touch Monitor (E2014T), Dell 23 Touch Monitor (P2314T), and Dell 27 Touch Monitor (P2714T). Sporting a broad array of features and price points, the new monitors bring the touch experience to a wide selection of users, the company said in a statement.. The new monitors permit users to appreciate intuitive interaction with content onscreen by tapping, swiping, sliding, turning, pinching, and stretching with their fingers.


Groupon Inc. (NASDAQ:GRPN) Current price $10.47

Groupon shares are up more than 4 percent Thursday in heavy trading volume following CEO Eric Lefkofsky telling The Wall Street Journal that his company is planning to open a network of warehouses spanning North America to support its growing Groupon Goods business.


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