Facebook Gets a Shot at China, CarMax’s Solid Quarter, and 3 More Hot Stocks

Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB): The Chinese government plans to lift its ban on “politically sensitive” foreign websites in Shanghai’s new free-trade zone, according to government sources who spoke with Hong Kong’s South China Morning Post. Facebook is among the more notable sites that will open up, along with Twitter and The New York Times. Separately, Citigroup has upped its rating on Facebook to Buy, with a price target of $55 from $32.


CarMax Group (NYSE:KMX): Second quarter earnings per share of 62 cents beat estimates by 6 cents, as revenue of $3.25 billion also beat, by $0.09 billion. Total used vehicle unit sales increased 21 percent, and comparable-store used units rose 16 percent. SG&A expenses per retail unit fell $174 to $2,067, as the company’s scale helped leverage its costs. CarMax is hoping to open 17 new locations within the next 12 months.


GlaxoSmithKline (NYSE:GSK): GlaxoSmithKline has gotten an HCV-associated thrombocytopenia indication for Revolade from the European Commission;  thrombocytopenia has the potential to limit or inhibit patients’ pIFN-based treatment. Revolade is marketed as Promacta in the U.S.


Burger King Worldwide (NYSE:BKW): Burger King announced that it will be creating a french fry that boasts 40 percent less fat and 30 percent fewer calories than the fries sold by McDonald’s in a bid to win over more health-conscious consumers. Burger King says that 70 grams of its new fries, named Satisfries, havr 150 calories, while the same amount of McDonald’s fries has 226 calories.


Boeing Co. (NYSE:BA): In a fairly large blow, South Korea has rejected Boeing’s bid for a $7.7 billion tender to supply the country with new fighter jets after Boeing’s F-15 Silent Eagle offer was the only bid that fell within the budget constraints. About 15 former South Korean air force chiefs signed a petition opposing the F-15s due to concerns over the planes’ capabilities; what it comes down to, Seeking Alpha notes, is the panel wants Lockheed’s F35s but doesn’t want to pay for them.


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