Facebook Gets Hardcore With Gaming

Eager to attract serious gamers in action and adventure genres, Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) pledged to develop at least 10 new, high-quality gaming titles this year, according to cnet.

In a multi-billion dollar market that has a knack for attracting young customers, Facebook getting serious about multiplayer shooter and medieval adventure games could prove to be a huge moneymaker for the social network.

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To put just how much money this genre of video games is worth into context, the popular shooter game “Call of Duty: Black Ops 2” produced revenue of over $1 billion in 15 days last November. While Facebook and its partners have a long way to go before they can produce a game of similar ilk, their commitment to developing higher-quality games shouldn’t go unnoticed.

CHEAT SHEET Analysis: Are Video Games a Catalyst for Facebook’s Stock?

One of the core components of our CHEAT SHEET Investing Framework focuses on catalysts that can boost a company’s stock. There is no doubt that gaming, particularly shooter and adventure games, is a booming industry. Facebook’s renewed commitment to being a leader in online games bodes well and, with their sheer amount of resources, could eventually lead to the production of games with the ability to rival the likes of Call of Duty.

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