Facebook Joins Yahoo! & Google Demanding Disclosure Rights and 2 Other Hot Stocks to Watch

Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB): Current price $43.72

Facebook has joined other big names in making the demand for their right to publicly release detailed information regarding government requests for user data, contending in a blog post that, “We believe there is more information that the public deserves to know, and that would help foster an informed debate about whether government security programs adequately balance privacy interests when attempting to keep the public safe.”

Prior to this, Yahoo! announced that it has filed a suit in the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court “demanding the right to publicly disclose the number of user data requests that we receive from the U.S. Government under national security statutes.” Also, Google filed an amended petition to the court also insisting that it be “allowed to publish detailed statistics about the types (if any) of national security requests we receive under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act.”


Alcatel-Lucent SA (NYSE:ALU): Current price $3.55

Alcatel-Lucent’s independent subsidiary LGS Innovations announced Tuesday that it has been awarded a contract worth $250,000 to create a next-generation highly integrated photonic source for the Air Force Research Labs at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio.

Through the terms, LGS Innovations’ Government Communications Lab will run research to determine the potential advancements in laser tech that can be achieved via a focused, multi-year development endeavor. The photonic solution will include a roadmap for the development of individual component technologies, and for the large-scale fabrication of these components within the United States.


Micron Technology, Inc. (NASDAQ:MU): Current price $16.37

On Tuesday, Micron announced the availability of a replay-protected monotonic counter feature for their SPI NOR Flash memory devices, which are validated for future Intel Ultrabook platforms. The cost-effective 64-megabyte density is the preferred solution presently available for immediate platform-enablement activities.

The RPMC feature in Micron’s SPI NOR device forms the first in a group of cryptographic primitives that will significantly improve preboot security in cost-sensitive embedded, mobile, and personal computing architectures. The RPMC-enabled device makes critical nonvolatile data storage easier, while rendering systems resistant to rollback and replay attacks.


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