Facebook Polls Users: Where’s the Participation?

Facebook’s (NASDAQ:FB) second Site Governance Vote met with an abysmal voter turnout (if it may be called that). Only 342,632 users participated — a tiny 0.038 percent of Facebook’s total user base.

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Facebook’s proposed policy changes had met with a torrent of protest from a privacy group and the social media site had to float the vote to at least appear more democratic. Facebook had placed a threshold of 30 percent of active users’ participation to make the result binding. Given the low response, Facebook gets to keep its viewpoint on the proposed updates and move ahead.

Truth be told, however, the vote was not exactly promoted from the roof tops. Save a single note placed on the site’s Site Governance Page, Facebook did not really go out of its way to generate user interest in the Vote.

Facebook’s VP of Communications, Public Policy, and Marketing Elliot Schrage claimed that “despite our substantial outreach effort, the number of people who voted constituted such a small and unrepresentative percentage of our user community. We made significant efforts to make voting easy and accessible – including translating the documents and voting application into several of the world’s most popular languages and providing extensive notice through users’ news feeds and desktop and mobile advertisements. There has also been widespread media attention and coverage of our notice and comment and voting process.”

An irate user commented: “Couldn’t your ‘substantial outreach effort’ have included something as simple as a message that showed up on each and every facebook user’s page????”

Hey kid, Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) has shareholders to appease now. Tone down. LOL.

Shares of Facebook closed lower 10 cents at $27 per share today.

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