Fairy Tale Financial Outlook for Walt Disney

Walt Disney Company’s (NYSE:DIS) stock performed well on Friday, thanks in part to positive comments by Barron’s.

In a December 1 article, the publication wrote that Disney’s recently announced annual dividend rise, a 50% increase to 60 cents per share and its greatest dividend increase in a decade, illustrates good times ahead for the company. Barron’s also noted that from Disney’s strong cash flow, the current stock price doesn’t “fully reflect the good news.”

It quotes Lazard Capital Markets analyst Barton Crockett as saying that the dividend increase is a sign that Disney (NYSE:DIS) sees “a healthy business, and no double dip on the horizon, which bodes well for upcoming investor conferences when all the major [media] conglomerates will likely update their TV ad outlooks.”

Telsey Advisory Group analyst Jaison Blair also said in Barron’s, “The Walt Disney risk-reward is as attractive as at any point in the past twenty years,” and sees the stock trading up between $45 to $47.