Want to Live in Your Favorite Movie Houses? This Is How Much It Will Cost You

Chances are you’ll never be in a movie, but you may be able to afford your piece of Hollywood memorabilia. If you’re looking for crazy keepsakes like Harry Potter’s glasses, you’ll need to reach out to Daniel Radcliffe. The lead actor grabbed the frames when shooting wrapped.

Cool cars from movies and TV are nice, but there are some souvenirs that are even more unique. These iconic movie houses have been for sale at one time or another. Here are the movies they’re from, where they are, and how much they cost.

1. The Amityville Horror house

still from the amityville horror

The Amityville Horror | Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer

  • Movie: The Amityville Horror
  • Location: Toms River, New Jersey
  • Estimated price: $1,150,154

The house in New Jersey is where they made the movie, but the actual haunted house is located in Amityville, New York. The movie house will set you back more than $1 million. If you’re adventurous enough to live in the actual Amityville haunted house, that will cost you $850,000, plus your sanity.

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2. Bag End

hobbiton mill and double arched bridge

The Hobbiton movie set from The Lord of the Rings  | AaronChoi/iStock/Getty Images

  • Movie: The Lord of The Rings and The Hobbit
  • Location: New Zealand
  • Estimated price: $148,000

Just to be clear, the location where Bilbo and Frodo Baggins embarked on their epic journeys would cost you an estimated $1.3 million if it existed. The more realistic and economical solution is to buy a prefabricated Hobbit hole. A four-bedroom version can be yours for $148,000. However, movie fanatics in New Zealand in search of authenticity can stay near the set used in the movies.

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3. Rocky Balboa’s house

Rocky Balboa house

The apartment is extremely inexpensive. | Columbia Pictures

  • Movie: Rocky
  • Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Estimated price: $48,531

Before the palooka known as Rocky Balboa made the big time, he called Philadelphia’s Kensington neighborhood home. His house on Tusculum Street is off the market, but Zillow estimates the cost at less than $50,000. Chances are you won’t have to win a major prize fight to be able to afford that price.

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4. Napoleon Dynamite’s house

Napoleon Dynamite

Napoleon Dynamite | Napoleon Dynamite via Facebook

  • Movie: Napoleon Dynamite
  • Location: Preston, Idaho
  • Estimated price: $347,500

Let’s be clear: Napoleon Dynamite’s house is not for sale, and finding an old listing is difficult. The house from the movie is located at 1435-1599 E. 800 N. in Idaho. A home down the street that has more than an acre of property is estimated to cost $347,500. Even though it’s not the same house, you can still practice your dance moves in peace.

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5. Carl Fredricksen’s house from Up 

Real Up house

The replica is just like in the movie. | Real UP house via Facebook

  • Movie: Up
  • Location: Herriman, Utah
  • Estimated price: $366,131

The house in Utah is a replica made after the movie was released, and it is a brick-for-brick copy. Yet there was a house in Washington whose fate mirrored the events from the movie. The intriguing and enigmatic former owner turned down $1 million to developers as they built around her property. When she died, the property went to auction with an opening bid of about $216,000.

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6. Cameron Frye’s house

Ferris Bueller's Day Off house Cameron

The house is definitely pricey. | Paramount Pictures

  • Movie: Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
  • Location: Highland Park, Illinois
  • Estimated price: $1,819,600

Cameron Frye is Ferris Bueller’s mopey friend who sends a vintage Ferrari plummeting out of the garage. If you want to re-enact that scene (with a toy Ferrari, perhaps?), you need close to $2 million for the house. Even then, you won’t be getting quite the same home as it has undergone renovations since the movie was released.

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7. Goonies’ home

Goonies House

The house has been blocked off from public view. | Warner Bros.

  • Movie: The Goonies
  • Location: Astoria, Oregon
  • Estimated price: $276,247

This is the house the Goonies crew saved in the movie. Realtor.com shows that when it sold in 2001, it went for $92,000. It’s estimated price is higher now, though the property does come with a unique set of nuisances.

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8. The Mrs. Doubtfire house

Mrs. Doubtfire house

The house is in extra expensive San Francisco. | 20th Century Fox

  • Movie: Mrs. Doubtfire
  • Location: San Francisco, California
  • Estimated price: $5,161,600

This is the house where Robin Williams’ character in the movie threw a birthday party, complete with a petting zoo. The animals are gone, but the house remains. When Williams died, fans made the house a shrine to the actor. When it was last for sale it went for $4.15 million. Realtor.com estimates it would list for at least $5.1 million the next time it hits the market.

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9. The Home Alone house

Home Alone House

The house would cost over $2 million today. | 20th Century Fox

  • Movie: Home Alone
  • Location: Winnetka, Illinois
  • Estimated price: $2,138,300

When this home last sold, it went for $1.5 million. That was in 2012, but Realtor.com estimates it would list for $2.1 million today. Maybe the new value reflects a gargantuan alarm system to deter burglars? You can take a trip to Chicago’s north suburbs for a glimpse of the outside. Viewing the inside, and making sure Buzz McCallister’s tarantula is gone, is more difficult.

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10. Marty McFly’s house

Back to the future house

The house is located in Los Angeles. | Universal Pictures

  • Movie: Back to the Future
  • Location: Los Angeles, California
  • Estimated price: $482,125

There might not be a DeLorean parked out front, but Marty McFly’s house is real and not just part of a movie set. The house, located in the Arleta neighborhood in Los Angeles, was used only for exterior shots. It’ll cost you extra if you want Biff Tannen to wash and wax your car.

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11. Tony Montana’s mansion

Al Pacino as Tony Montana, sitting in a large leather chair, in front of a mounds of cocaine

The Scarface mansion is located in Santa Barbara, California. | Universal

  • Movie: Scarface
  • Location: Santa Barbara, California
  • Estimated price: $13,559,241

Despite having help from a “little friend,” Tony Montana met his end at his expansive estate in the film. The exterior shots were filmed at a Santa Barbara mansion that sold for $6.2 million in 2009. It listed for $17.9 million in 2015 and Zillow estimates the value at $13.5 million today.

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12. Ralphie Parker’s house

A Christmas Story house

The house was turned into a museum. | A Christmas Story House via Facebook

  • Movie: A Christmas Story
  • Location: Cleveland, Ohio
  • Estimated price: $395

Before you get too excited by that price tag you need to know that this house isn’t for sale. Due to the popularity of the movie, the house on the south side of Cleveland was turned into a museum. You can’t buy it, but you can stay the night starting at $395.

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13. Privet Drive

Harry Potter house privet drive

The house has seen some extensive renovations. | Warren Little/Getty Images

  • Movie: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone
  • Location: Bracknell, Berkshire, England
  • Estimated price: $620,000

This is where Harry Potter set off on his journey into the wizarding world. It’s located west of London, and according to Forbes, has undergone some extensive renovations. The home in Bracknell was used in the first movie, but a set was used in the rest of the films. Presumably, you get your choice of bedrooms instead of lodging in the cupboard under the stairs if you buy the house.

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14. The Royal Tenenbaums house

The Royal Tennebaum's house

Anything in Manhattan is bound to be pricey. | Buena Vista Pictures

  • Movie: The Royal Tenenbaums
  • Location: New York City
  • Estimated price: $3,485,140

The home that’s the centerpiece of the cult classic movie sold for $190,000 in 1999, two years before the film came out. Now, Zillow estimates it would set you back about $3.5 million for the Upper Manhattan home. A javelina head is extra.

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15. Wallace and Doyle houses

Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers

One of the houses Michael Myers terrorized can be yours – for a price. | Trancas International Films

  • Movie: Halloween
  • Location: Los Angeles, California
  • Estimated price: $2,529,309

We started our list with iconic home from a horror movie, and we’ll end it that way. Michael Myers terrorized the neighborhood in the movie, and the two main homes in the film, the Wallace and Doyle houses, are on the same block in real life. Neither house is for sale, but both estimated prices are north of $2.5 million.

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