Fed Reduces GM Position, Disney’s Love Child Expands, and 3 More Hot Stocks

General Motors (NYSE:GM): The U.S. Treasury Department has cut yet another block of GM stock from its position and now retains just 7.3 percent — nearly half of the holding it held in June. Just last week, the government revealed it had sold $811.1 million in GM stock during the month of August. However, although GM’s shares have performed admirably this year, the government is still set to lose about $10 billion on its emergency infusion of capital.


Walt Disney Co. (NYSE:DIS): Disney child Hulu has cut its largest content deal to date with the addition of 144 new titles from the BBC. Hulu, the ownership of which Disney splits with Comcast (NASDAQ:CMCSA) and 21st Century Fox, wants to increase its original programming to 10 percent to 15 percent of its content in the next few years.


Clorox Co. (NYSE:CLX): Barclays has slapped Clorox with an Underweight rating, as the company is seeing pressure in several key markets. The price target on Clorox was reduced by to $79 from $81.


Microsoft Corp. (NASDAQ:MSFT): Though the updated version of Microsoft’s Windows 8 — Windows 8.1 — will address many issues over its predecessor, its pricing will remain largely unchanged. A basic version of the operating system will run around $120 and a Pro version for $200. Seeking Alpha points out that Microsoft – citing customer “feedback” — is providing a “full version” of Windows this time around and not requiring that buyers have an older version installed. Windows 8 users get the upgrade for free.


Google Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOG): Google is reportedly looking to replace the cookie, the traditional method of tracking a user’s online activity, with a home-grown anonymous tracker called AdId. Though Google would supposedly provide AdId to advertisers and third-party ad networks, with the goal of creating an industry standard, industry pros are concerned the new system would have the power to “severely undermine billions of dollars in digital ad spending.”


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