First Amendment Award for Outstanding Journalism: Best Financial Media Outlet Minyanville

First Amendment Award 2009 MinyanvilleMinyanville is possibly the most constructive and collaborative financial community on the web. Founder and CEO Todd Harrison created a positivity magnet when he decided to associate with only people “who are better at who they are than what they do.” This guiding philosophy has helped Todd and his team (Kevin Depew, Kevin Wassong, Jonathan Schwartz, Bill Meehan, Laurie Peterson, Charlie Mangano, Steve Reiter, and more) accumulate an incredible stable of full-time “minyans” as well as contributing “professors.”

Minyanville offers readers an excellent promise to:

“Secure Your Future: We will help you understand how the financial world works to make you more confident and successful.
Feed Your Brain: We will provide our best thinking to make you smarter so you can make better decisions.
Make You Smile: We will deliver it in a way that will help you laugh while you learn.”

As my grandfather says, “School teaches us how to make money, but it doesn’t teach us how to invest or save wisely.” Luckily for future investors, Minyanville’s team also spends a great deal of time, energy, and resources educating young people about the complicated yet important world of money. Minyanland is a wonderful online resource to help children and teens become interested in finance. Moreover, Todd started a foundation in his late grandfather’s memory: The Ruby Peck Foundation for Children’s Education. These are exactly the type of tools our society needs if we are to avoid another economic crisis based on financial illiteracy.

To improve financial literacy of all ages, Minyanville created the first and only animated business news show: Minyanville’s World in Review featuring Huffy & Boo. The quality and passion of the team’s work was acknowledged upon receiving an Emmy Award in December 2008.

Lastly, Minyanville is one of the few financial websites where you will find helpful comments with a friendly attitude. If you are tired of reading web post comments that have zero value or simply regress into name-calling, Minyanville is a great place to regain your passion for genuine conversation and debate about markets, finance, and business.Picture 3

Although Minyanville is already one of the most popular financial media outlets on the web, the sky’s the limit because there are no geographical limitations on this amazing place. So long as more people continue to become disappointed with financial media which does not educate or provide beneficial investing results (yes, Minyanville warned their audience about the market crash in time to protect massive amounts of capital), Minyanville will continue to attract serious investors who care about improving the financial landscape for everyone.

For more details about the founding of Minyanville, the company’s incredible guiding philosophies, and a ton of inspiring pithy advice, please click here to enjoy my exclusive interview with Minyanville Founder and CEO Todd Harrion.

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