Ford Reinstates Dividend After Economic Crisis Suspension

Anticipation of forthcoming news temporarily freezes trading in Ford (NYSE:F). The company is bringing back its quarterly dividend -discontinued for the past 5 years – at $0.05/share. The Board of Directors meets today and there rumblings of a possible hunt for a new CEO.

Here’s how Ford’s stock is trading on the news:

Ford Motor Co. (NYSE:F): F shares recently traded at $11.00, down $0.08, or 0.72%. They have traded in a 52-week range of $9.05 to $18.97. Volume today was 44,890,158 shares versus a 3-month average volume of 62,542,300 shares. The company’s trailing P/E is 6.60, while trailing earnings are $1.67 per share. Get the most recent company news and stock data here >>