Ford’s Lincoln: A Future of Luxurious Growth?

There may be those who do not know it, but automobiles under the brand name Lincoln are all Ford (NYSE:F) vehicles. This is not news to everyone, as many know auto manufacturers have mainstream brands and luxury brands, with Toyota Motor (NYSE:TM) making Lexus vehicles and Volkswagen making Audis, but Ford’s recent success with Lincoln is news.

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Over the summer, Ford saw an increase in sales of 9 percent for July, but Ford’s Lincoln division sales were up 40 percent. Currently, Ford is re-branding Lincoln under its original name, the Lincoln Motor Co., and is also running a large ad campaign to accompany the revitalization of the brand. Lincoln had about 6 percent of the U.S. luxury auto market, with around 85,000 sales in 2011 — less than half the sales of Lexus — but Ford’s push could see it reemerge as America’s number one luxury brand.

Ford’s focus for Lincoln is not limited only to the U.S., as it is also pushing to launch the brand in China by 2014.

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