Founding Father of Infotainment Passes On

Are you disgusted that news outlets have turned into circus shows? You can thank Frank Magid and send him a prayer.

During the 1970s, corporations started pressuring news networks to ramp up ratings. Magid stepped in with the coveted solution: turn news into entertainment. Walter Cronkite did not exactly love the idea: “Any real newsman knows that sort of stuff is balderdash. It’s cosmetics, pretty packaging — not substance.”

In Magid’s defense, he was only meeting viewer demand. And, as time has proven, his formula did improve the popularity of “news” in the US.

For those who prefer hypnotic graphics, ideologues, hyperbole, and news curated to present an incredibly biased view of the world, hold your grief: Frank Magid Associates is still the go to consultancy for top news corporations.

(Source: Wall Street Journal)