Four Companies Causing a Stir in After Hours Trading

These companies are up and down big in after-hours moves:

1) Oracle (NASDAQ:ORCL) shares did well on the day, up 1.45% at market close, and continue to drive momentum after hours (up .15%). The activity comes on good news for the enterprise software company, as analysts from Citigroup (NYSE:C) and Lazard Capital Markets are projection stronger than expected Q2 earnings for Oracle, which will release results on June 23rd.

2) Micron Technology Inc. (NASDAQ:MU): The semiconductor makers saw shares take a beating in daytime trading today with stock prices dropping over 1.75%. The company has rebounded slightly, up .02% after hours. The drop off for MU comes on news that analysts are upping the pressure on entire sector as weak earnings from competitors pour in.

3) Xerox Corp. (NYSE:XRX): Xerox investors were practically photocopying money today, as shares gained over 2.65% in open market hours and are posting gains of close to .25% after hours. The value-adds for Xerox come on news of one Deutche Bank (NYSE:DB) analyst upgrade and another report projecting 3-5% growth in revenues this year.

4) Kinder Morgan (NYSE:KMP): Shares took a hit today, down .26% at close, but are taking even more of a beating after hours (down over 2%) on news that the company filed a public offering for 6,700,000 common units representing limited partner interests.

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