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Tom Alexander

Tom Alexander


What “Market Profile” is  and What it is Not – It is imperative to understand this distinction. Without, the trader is missing the value of the concept and is lowering it to the level of oscillators atomhjnd magic.

Understanding the Auction Market Process – This is the basis for the value of the concept. A thorough understanding of this concept is the critical first step in using the auction market process to develop an edge.

The Profile Graphic and the Auction Market Process – Many popular approaches to trading that are based primarily on the profile graphic are simply not valid. Some of the popular trading myths surrounding the interpretation of the profile graphic will be exposed, as well as how those myths became so popular.

The Profile Graphic – You will learn how to identify the most important areas of a profile graph.

Volume –  The difference between volume on the vertical scale and volume on the horizontal scale will be explained. Examples and practical applications will be shown.

The Importance of Understanding Time as the Key Component of Market Development –  Understanding the importance of time as a component of Market Development often helps cure trader ills such as overtrading and taking profits too soon.

The Importance of the Integration of Bar Charts in Auction Market Analysis – A complete understanding of the auction market process enables one to view bar charts with a completely different perspective that can at times offer an advantage over the typical profile graphic.

How to Read and Interpret Stock Market Internals – A simple yet profoundly powerful way to interpret market generated internal information will be discussed in detail. Examples of how and when to use Volume, Breadth and TICK, both in intraday and swing trading will be shown.

Putting the Above Together to Formulate Daytrading and Swing Trading Strategies