GE and 2 Big DJIA Losers

The Dow Jones Industrial Average (NYSE:DIA) is down 2.29% today and stands at 11,681. The stocks below are among the lagging and declining performers today.

Boeing (NYSE:BA): Th company announced two more delays to to its newer versions of its 747-8 and 787 Dreamliner planes, which has fit a pattern of delays in recent years. There has been a transition in CEOs announced today. A RBC analyst says, “This should be a trouble-free transition. It also marks another step in the generational hand-over at Boeing.” The stock is down 4.58% today.

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United Technologies Corporation (NYSE:UTX): United Technologies and other manufacturers are setting aside capital to affect restructuring operations so costs can be cut and operations can be streamlined. This preemptive measure is being done in the expectation that economic times may get tougher. The market today certainly isn’t helping United, which is down 4.27%.

General Electric (NYSE:GE): The stock that arguably reflects America’s financial health the best is reeling today with news out of Europe. On the bright side, Seeking Alpha’s Suman Chatterjee believes General Electric should be a strong year, as the company revives its operating income. The stock is down 3.65% today.

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