It’s Time to Get Rid of These Worthless Collectibles

It’s fun collecting sports cards, toys, movies, and cars, but if you’re hoping for a return on your investment, then it gets tricky. Jay Leno’s car collection, for example, is a great retirement nest egg since he has lots of unique vehicles. However, most knick-knacks are worthless collectibles and won’t make you more money than what you paid for them. If you’re saving these items hoping they’ll eventually be worth something, it might be time to get rid of them because now they’re just worthless clutter.

All of these items have been part of a collecting craze at one point, but not anymore. The collectibles at Nos. 8 and 14 are particularly surprising entries on the list.

1. Beanie Babies

Beanie-Babies are worthless collectibles and pointless clutter

The vast majority of Beanie Babies aren’t worth more than sticker price. | Joyce Naltchayan/AFP/Getty Images

  • They were once influential, but now they’re worthless collectibles.

The Beanie Baby craze was real and widespread, and their popularity makes them one of the most influential toys of all time. A few of the plush dolls, such as the royal blue Peanut the elephant and Princess Diana beanie babies can bring in more than $1,000, but the vast majority aren’t worth keeping.

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