Going on a Date? 5 Affordable Things to Do in the Winter

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When it gets cold outside, many of us are tempted to stay inside and stay warm. Sometimes this can be great, but without a little bit of planning, date night can become routine and boring during the winter. If you are hoping to surprise your partner with a romantic and fun date night, you can do so without spending a lot of money.

Date night should be foremost about spending time together, and if you can show initiative and that you are thinking about your partner’s individual wants and needs, then you can create a wonderful date night even during the cold weather season. If you have kids, date night can become more difficult to arrange, but don’t let that stop you. Making time for date nights, whether you are married, unmarried, have kids, or don’t, is important. Here are some fun and affordable ways to get cozy even in the winter.

1. Heat up your night

What’s more romantic than cuddling by a blazing fire? Almost nothing, but you can turn the heat up even more by adding some accessories. Create a cozy spot by your fireplace if you don’t have one already; consider laying out a blanket with big pillows. Also, dim the lights, and consider extra candles for ambiance. Next, purchase some new treats that you know your partner will love (for example, chocolates, or a fruit and cheese plate.) Also, come up with activities to do together besides talking (although you definitely want to include that!) You can have your own wine tasting, or play board games; whatever you both enjoy, make it part of your date night. You can do all of this for $20 or less, or perhaps a bit more if you like nicer wines.

2. Cozy up to the television

Watching television together hardly sounds sexy. However, watching shows together can actually help you draw closer to your partner. If you talk about what you watch, you may have great conversations, and you also might find that your sex life is positively affected by cuddling close in front of the television, or bonding over sexy television shows. According to Cosmopolitan, some of the best shows to binge watch on Netflix include Friday Night Lights, Fringe, Orange is the New Black, and Arrow. If you can find a show to watch together, you can have quality time together for free.

If you want to make the evening feel more like an actual date, then consider renting a movie, making popcorn, and cuddling up together. For just a few dollars, you can have fun and enjoy each other. Consider surprising your partner with a movie that will strike their particular fancy; that shows you are thinking about them.

3. Get outside

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While it’s tempting to stay inside when you can, sometimes venturing out can be a great way to have a cheap and fun date. Ice skating is a very romantic date idea; even if you can’t skate, learning together can make you laugh and bring you together. You could also go sledding together. As childish as it might sound, sometimes the silliest activities cause the strongest bonds.

Simply taking a walk together in the winter can be another great date; it’s romantic to get outside and see nature together when you have been cooped up too much. Also, exercise can improve sex drive for both women and men. Of course, you can also go for a run together. The point is that you should enjoy the fresh air together, and if possible, get some exercise too.

4. Work in the kitchen

We all enjoy a good meal, and cooking together is a great way to taste good food while having fun as a couple. Crock pots and takeout are useful, as are restaurants, but sometimes it’s nice to spend real time with your partner making food to enjoy together. Determine a meal that you both like, and then make it together. Or better yet, surprise your partner by purchasing items for a meal that they love. Here are some date night recipes you can try.

The good thing about cooking at home is that if you have the time, you can make elegant food without spending a lot. Consider taking an extra step and adding more romance with candles or special table settings. If the type of food permits it, feed your partner a few bites. You both have to eat, so this is an affordable, but also meaningful, date idea.

5. Get competitive

Competition can be sexy if you don’t overdo it. You don’t want to compete to make the other person feel bad, but doing it for fun can make your relationship more interesting and exciting. There are so many levels of healthy competition that you can include on your date night. If you want to stay in, consider battling over a Wii game or another video game. Chess, ping pong, darts, and board games can all be played inside. If you prefer to go out, then consider competing by participating in a winter sport. You can even attend a local sports event and fire up your competitive nature without taking two separate sides; you can both enjoy rooting for the home team. Lastly, consider working together to beat another couple or team at something you enjoy; this can encourage a healthy competition that also allows you to bond together.

Date nights in the winter don’t have to be boring. With a little added effort, and very little additional money, you can enjoy some fun dates throughout the colder months.

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