Google Dominates Mobile Advertising

An eMarketer analyst revised the company’s forecast for mobile advertising expenditures in 2012. The prediction was raised from $1.8 billion to $2.61 billion, which the company said was due to an “exceptional” by Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) along with more reliable market data. The 2012 forecast is an 80% increase over last year.

The declaration by eMarketer refutes an announcement by Yahoo (NASDAQ:YHOO) CEO Scott Thompson who said there was no clear market leader in mobile advertising. eMarketer’s data shows that in 2011 Google accounted for 51.7% of all mobile ads, a big lead over Apple’s (NASDAQ:AAPL) iAd which took second place with 6.4% and third place Millennial with 6.3%.

Google had a virtual monopoly in mobile searches accounting for a whopping 95% of all revenues and led the field in display as well, though not as handily. The search engine giant claimed 24.8% of display and iAd and Millennial were neck and neck for second place. eMarketer is predicting big growth in every mobile category. The company forecasts mobile search expenses will double to $1.28 billion, mobile display will grow 93.5% to $861.7 milion, and mobile video will increase 122% to $151.5 million.