Google Enhances Search Experience for Google+ Users

Look out Facebook: Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) is now embedding content from its users’ Google+ streams into their search results in several different ways in hopes to stay up with the social networking competition. When searching, Google+ users will now find all sorts of Google+ content scattered among the normal search results. There are promoted Google+ profiles and pages, an effort to compete with Facebook’s social ads.

Jack Menzel, Google’s web search product management director, said, “This isn’t the entire Internet, it’s your entire Internet. With Google+, we understand who people are, and we use that.”

This Google+-powered method assumes certain ties between relevance and personal connections. Links shared by your G+ connections will show up in the first page of web search results with a user icon. You will also be able to see Google+ posts in search results based on keyword relevance.  Google+ posts are indexed just like others on the web, but they’ll only show up in your search results if the poster is connected to you on Google+.

“For this launch, we’re just talking about web search and image search,” said Menzel, “but I wouldn’t rule out improvements to those other products.”