Google Just Dropped This Bomb on Apple

Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) is planning to open its own retail outlets in time for this year’s holiday shopping season according to an “extremely reliable source,” reports Seth Weintraub from 9to5Google. Google retail stores will be debuting in major cities first, with likely market expansion based on their initial success. Although Google has some retail experience from their established kiosk locations inside Best Buy stores in the U.S., these new stores will be their first venture into the independent physical retail store market.

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These stand-alone Google retail stores will be completely dedicated to selling all of Google’s products, including Nexus tablets and Chromebooks, as well as promoting the use of Android, their popular mobile operating system. Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL), which has had an established retail presence for many years with their Apple Stores, will now face additional competition in the electronics consumer market from Google.

Besides boosting the sales of currently available Google products, these new Google stores will also provide an excellent opportunity for Google to promote their cutting-edge technologies in development, such as the Google Glass computer headgear device and their self-driving car project…

Many analysts feel that a physical retail location is a practical necessity when trying to sell an expensive new product like Google Glass, which is expected to retail for about $1,500. Consumers will be far more likely to buy new Google products like Google Glass or high-end Google Chromebooks if they can familiarize themselves with these products and talk with a Google-trained salesperson before committing to a major purchase.

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Whether or not consumers decide to start shopping at the Google store at the local mall instead of buying online, these new stores will undoubtedly create more buzz about Google products and give Google another avenue to raise their sales figures.

Here’s how Google and Apple have both traded relative to another in 2013:

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