Google Makes Updates to Google TV

Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) has begun a series of updates to YouTube on Google TV. According to Online Media Daily, the updates will help user navigate the channels to find video content. New features in the update which began Sunday will also enable viewers to interact with their peers through video ratings and comments. The updates will roll out over the course of several days. The company is also said to be working on a dedicated Google+ app for Google TV which is expected to debut soon.

Many Google fans are also anticipating the arrival of a high-quality content subscription service, but a Google spokesperson told Online Media Daily that they had “nothing to announce at this time.” According to Strategy Analytics, 42 million consumers around the world watch TV and movies on Internet-connect television.

Though Internet-connected TV continues to grow in popularity, a study by Deloitte found that at the end of 2011 only 14% of those polled streamed movies to computers or televisions through a subscription service and only 12% can view content through an Internet-connected television. With the increasing ease of access to Internet-based subscription services, Online Media Daily believes that a YouTube subscription service is inevitable.

Google TV has had several reported bugs since its debut which has caused consumers to be leery of the Internet-enabled television. Many expect the next version of Google TV to perform much better now that many of the issues have been resolved. But the next Google TV on the shelves won’t be produced by Sony (NYSE:SNE) as the company has signed over its rights to Samsung.