9 Great Paying Remote Jobs and 1 That Has a Ridiculous Salary

The worst part about getting to work is the commute. Well, take it from us at The Cheat Sheet, our commute is the best in the world. the majority of us work remotely all over the country. We get up from the bed and move to our desk. The total commute is one to two minutes. Sometimes we don’t even have to get up from the bed.

We thought, there have to be other great remote jobs out there as well. Well, FlexJobs gathered some of the most common remote jobs with awesome incomes to boot. Stick around for No. 1 (with the highest remote salary) and try not to be tempted by a career change.

10. Online Tutor – $36,233

Mature tutor teaching young man on the computer

Some tutors don’t even need to see students face-to-face anymore. | samotrebizan/iStock/Getty Images

When it comes to your education, tutors can be a lifesaver. Whether the student is in grade school or college, they are always handy. A lot of the time they are available for video conferences or just simple editing work to identify some problems you have.

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9. Remote Teacher – $48,159

Man at kitchen desk

The rise of online classes require remote teachers. | Chris Ryan/iStock/Getty Images

Teachers being able to teach remotely is almost an inevitability. A lot of classes anymore are online courses. Some people actually learn better without the pressure of a classroom. That’s why this job is in such high demand. In some cases, it actually pays better than some in school teaching jobs.

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8. Writer – $48,489

Hands on Laptop keyboard high quality and high resolution studio shoot

Writers have a lot of freedom. | Getty Images

Being a writer affords you a lot of freedom. You can literally do anything that has to do with writing and never even get out of your pajamas. Whether it be writing a book or an article online, this remote job rarely requires you to ever leave the comfort of your own home.

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7. Accountant – $49,749

Woman Working From Home

Accountants can work from just about anywhere. | iStock.com/monkeybusinessimages

Accountants don’t need to be in a cube to do the majority of their job. Accountants input numbers, make forecasts, issue payroll (which is more direct deposit than anything anymore), and report on financial gains and losses. It’s pretty straightforward and requires a lot of concentration. And there’s nothing less distracting than your home office.

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6. Account manager – $51,181

Man and woman sitting with a laptop

Account managers can do their jobs on the go. | monkeybusinessimages/Getty Images

Account managers are extremely important to commerce. They maintain client relationships and can help identify problems for the clients. They can also help teach clients how to use their products and do some traveling for that. Not a bad gig at all.

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5. Nurse – $60,132

a female nurse in blue scrubs from the neck down, with a stethoscope around her neck, holding a piece of paper and a pen

Remote nurses can be easier to see than in-person nurses. | Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

When it comes to personalized care, nothing beats a remote nurse. They are usually available for phone calls or video conference calls, but also provide in-home visits to their clients. It can be a bit more challenging than working in a hospital because you have to be a very good communicator to be able to operate in a virtual space.

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4. Developer – $69,313

computer programmer writing code on computer

Developers generally work from home. | iStock/Getty Images

Many developers tend to just cram away at coding certain segments of a product. It is very rare for them to be needed in person to perform their task. Especially given the field they work in. This is a perfect fit for the coding culture and allows for a lot of flexibility.

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3. Business development manager – $71,233

Morning coffee

Business Development Managers need to work from anywhere. | Wavebreakmedia/iStock/Getty Images

A Business Development Manager is the one who is creating new business for any company. They are the ones out there knocking on doors and taking meetings. Typically this job creates large-scale business for companies. Expect a lot of travel and little time in your own office.

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2. Speech language pathologist – $79,268

Female customer support operator

Speech pathologists spend most of their time with patients online. | opolja/iStock/Getty Images

Loads of people have some form of speech impediment, and those people need help. Speech Language Pathologists can conduct evaluations, create treatment plans a track a patients progress all from a computer. They primarily utilize online software and video conference calling.

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1. Client services director – $87,575

Casually dressed middle aged man working on laptop in aircraft cabin

Client Services Directors work directly with established clients. | Kasto80/iStock/Getty Images

Remember the account manager from before? Well, this is the same job except for the fact that you are selling directly to established clients. These people know your product, they know what they need and you’re the person who is going to help them. Every company has them, some companies offer them to work remotely.

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