Greece Erupts in More Violent Protests Against Austerity

Greece’s largest strike in years over an upcoming parliament vote on government cutbacks, increased taxes, and layoffs has begun to turn violent today. The strike is causing major disruptions in transportation as well as closing schools and businesses.

The government reforms have been deemed necessary by Greece’s European neighbors before they will aid Greece with an $11 billion bailout. Greece says it will run out of money within a month without the bailout. “We have to explain to all these indignant people who see their lives changing that what the country is experiencing is not the worst stage of the crisis,” he said. “It is an anguished and necessary effort to avoid the ultimate, deepest and harshest level of the crisis. The difference between a difficult situation and a catastrophe is immense” said Finance Minister Evangelos Venizelos per Yahoo Finance.

A previous bailout for Greece proved to be ineffective earlier this year, leading to negotiations of a second deal, however key details have yet to be worked out. Greece is among several other European countries dealing with a worsening debt crisis.

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