Groupon Launches New Website and 2 Other Hot Stocks to Watch

Groupon Inc. (NASDAQ:GRPN): Current price $9.78

In an effort to remake itself into a more persistent online marketplace for discounted local goods and services, Groupon is debuting a new website that took quite a while to build. The new site facilitates that search for deals out of the 50,000-plus that Groupon has arranged with merchants that are stored in its deals bank. For example, the new search bar is now more visible at the top of the homepage, and when users type in search terms, automatic type-ahead suggestions appear with relevant deals highlighted.


J.C. Penney & Co. (NYSE:JCP): Current price $8.21

On Friday, the historic retailer announced that it has obtained ENERGY STAR certifications in more than 500 of its stores, one supply chain facility and its Home Office, far exceeding its initial goal of having 400 locations certified by the end of this year. The Environmental Protection Agency awards ENERGY STAR certifications to buildings that place within the top 25 percent of similar commercial buildings across the country by meeting strict energy performance levels set by the EPA. J.C. Penney has taken many steps to push energy efficiency at the store level. Projects like LED lighting retrofits in hundreds of locations, advanced metering technologies that track electricity usage and in-store energy management systems have all played a part in significant energy savings.


The Container Store Group Inc. (NYSE:TCS): Current price $35.88

Today is The Container Store Group’s IPO and shares are up some 98 percent in heavy trading. The day began with 12.5 million shares initially priced at $18 apiece, which skyrocketed to $35.34, marking a 96.3-percent gain only minutes later. The retailer stocks organizational and storage merchandise, and elevated its initial IPO range to between $17 and $18 a share from $14 to $16 on Wednesday after detecting strong investor demand.


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