Groupon Will Benefit from Narrowing Daily Deal Race

The number of online deal publishers like Groupon (NASDAQ:GRPN) fell almost 8 percent in the last half of 2011, with 798 sites closing or being acquired, according to Daily Deal Media’s annual industry outlook and year-in-review report. The biggest drop was in Asia, where 1,348 sites closed their virtual shops.

According to data in the report from a consumer survey, 35 percent of companies who used daily deal campaigns said they profited from their offerings, and only 16.5 percent of companies were dissatisfied with the results of their deal program.

Survey data also revealed that 39 percent of consumers polled had never subscribed to a deal program, and only 19.6 percent of those who do subscribe actually read the whole deal email. Interestingly, 10.2 percent of subscribers automatically delete deal emails as spam .

“In 2011, we saw many new players enter the field, some that stayed and some who exited quickly,” said Boyan Josic, CEO of Daily Deal Media. “But the findings in this report show how much growth can be achieved in 2012.”