The Shocking Amount of Money the Most Hated CEOs Make Every Year

There’s a lot to hate about the lives CEOs lead: Long hours, lots of stress, and being responsible for the livelihoods of hundreds or thousands of people. There’s also a lot to love, though, especially the salary. Thanks to the GOP tax plan, CEOs could rake in even more money in the near future.

Machiavelli wrote that it is better to be feared than loved. These CEOs definitely believe nice guys finish last. They are hated and still raking in huge paychecks. (There’s no word on if their sleep habits have anything to do with it). All the executives on this list are hated, but we’ll start with the person with the lowest — yet still shockingly high — salary and work our way to the highest paid.

15. John Fallon

John Fallon CEO of Pearson attends the 'Microsoft in Education Global Forum'

Fallon only received a 30% approval rating from employees. | Robert Marquardt/Getty Images

The man in charge of publishing company Pearson is well paid, but his employees aren’t huge fans. The website Glassdoor shows just a 30% approval rating for John Fallon from the people who work for him.

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