14 Health Care Costs Set to Explode Under Trump

It’s not fake news: Your health care might be in serious trouble.

An analysis of the American Health Care Act from the Center for American Progress gives us an idea of what to expect. And it isn’t pretty. “We estimate that individuals with even relatively mild pre-existing conditions would pay thousands of dollars above standard rates to obtain coverage,” the analysis said. “Coverage could become prohibitively expensive for those in dire need of care.”

If you have one of the following relatively common health issues, the analysis shows surcharges could explode. The No. 1 item on the list could see a whopping six-digit increase in cost.

14. Asthma

An asthma inhaler is seen dispensing a dose of a drug

An asthma inhaler dispenses a dose of a drug. | Getty Images

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, roughly 1 in 12 people, or 25 million, has asthma in the United States. It’s a very treatable health condition, and most people simply need to keep their inhalers nearby. But the costs associated with treatment could go up 106% if the American Health Care Act passes, costing more than $4,300.

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