Here’s Why Investors Dislike These AMEX Stocks

Here’s all the latest news mustering up pessimism around the AMEX most shorted stocks:

Cheniere Energy, Inc. Common S (AMEX:LNG): Cheniere Energy may have tapped out all the cash it can from equity markets.  Recently issuing $174 million of new stock has shares selling short. In early December, short shares increased by 368,075, to 18,407,890 or 2 percent. Average daily volume is 5,482,786 with shares in a 52-week range of $3.17 to $12.86. Recently LNG traded at $8.52.

Northern Oil and Gas, Inc. Com (AMEX:NOG): Northern has problems with cash flow. By the end of September, operating activities have declined $209 million for the year with a loss in cash of -$143.85 million. Low on cash flow, shorted shares have decreased by -197,053, or -1.1 percent to 18,264,929.  Normal 17 days to cover and 52-week trade range of $13.25 to $33.98, share have recently been at $23.96 with a daily volume of over 1 million shares.

Novagold Resources Inc New Ord (AMEX:NG): Shares sold short have increased  288,360 to 17,265,343, or 1.7 percent.  Average trading volume is slight under 3 million shares and 6 days to cover. With a 52-week range of $5.93 to $15.14, gold mining investor skeptics reflecting recent trading a $8.35.

Paramount Gold and Silver Corp (AMEX:PZG): As of December 15th, PZG had 12,493,500 shares sold short, a -70,637, or -0.6 percent decrease.  Average daily trading volume is just over 1 million shares with 12 days to cover.  With a 52-week trading range of $2 to $4.52, shares are showing investor skepticism in gold miners, recently trading a $2.11.

VirnetX Holding Corp Common St (AMEX:VHC): VHC had 12,310,826 shares sold short a change of 233,150 shares, or 1.9%. Average volume of  871,057 with 14 days to cover.

Neoprobe Corporation Common St (AMEX:NEOP): NEOP decreased shares sold short to 11,193,357, achange of -149,624 shares, or -1.3 percent. Days to cover 38, and average daily volume is 295,605.

Golden Star Resources, Ltd Com (AMEX:GSS): Decreasing its shares sold short in December to 11,081,079 , reflected a change of -561,295 shares, or -4.8%. Days to cover for the company is 4 and average daily volume is 2,880,839.

Uranium Energy Corp. Common St (AMEX:UEC): In December UEC had 10,966,169 shares sold short, representing a decrease of -557,972 shares, or -4.8%. Days to cover is 30 and average daily  volume is 367,930.

Vantage Drilling Company (AMEX:VTG): December saw an increase of  shares sold short of 351,638 shares, or 3.5% to 10,478,113. Days to cover is 7 and average daily volume is 1,526,369.

General Moly, Inc. (AMEX:GMO): December favored a decrease in GMO shares sold short by -679,074 shares, or -6.7% to 9,484,476. Days to cover is 15 and average daily volume is 650,747.

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