Here’s How AT&T and Verizon Are Reworking Data Plans

Wireless carriers are getting ready to offer shared data among members of one family plan, though which one of AT&T (NYSE:T) and Verizon (NYSE:VZ) will win the race to launch the new structure is still unclear. According to AT&T mobile chief Ralph de la Vega, the company already knows how its offer will be structured, though gave no details on timing, CNET said. Verizon has said it hopes to offer a family data plan by this summer.

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The family data plan will allow consumers to buy one pool of data, which can then be split up between multiple users and devices. AT&T had earlier been wary of launching such a plan because it said it needed to figure out technical and billing issues, as well solve the problem of subsidizing devices but still getting a good return.

ā€œIā€™m very comfortable with the plan that will be offered to our customers,ā€ de la Vega told CNET in an interview.

AT&T had been the first to move to a tiered data plan and implementing caps on usage. It also introduced slowing down data speeds for users once they reached a certain threshold. This new concept is expected to help encourage sales of multiple devices like phones and tablets and increase data usage. Adding a tablet to a data plan on the phone is likely to be more attractive to users rather than buying a completely new plan.

However, T-Mobile was outright in saying that it was not ready for a dramatic change anytime soon.

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