Here’s How Google is Taking Over Europe

In a finding that could spark further outcry of antitrust violations, website marketing data provider shows that Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) now controls a godly 92% of the search engine market in the United Kingdom. Google’s share of total searches grew by 1.5% from just last month, though is up by a smaller .20% since June of 2010. The tech leaders’ closest competitors across the pond are Yahoo (NASDAQ:YHOO), accounting for 2.98% of all searches, Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) at 2.88% of searches, and (NASDAQ:IACI) websites which carried out 1.71% of total internet searches in June.

The blog reports another interesting trend in web traffic, that search engines are accounting for less overall traffic to other website due to growth in social media. According to Hitwise, “Although Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) is increasing its dominance within search, search engines overall are becoming less significant as a source of traffic for websites. Search has historically accounted for around 40% of visits to all websites but the most recent figures for upstream visits to All Categories show that search accounts for 34.29% of all traffic delivered to websites in June 2011…and that is because of the growth of other traffic sources, namely social media.”

Atop the list of the most popular social networkers among UK (NYSE:EWU) users is Facebook, accounted for 53.72% of all social media web visits last month. Coming in second was Youtube, with 20.76% of all visits, followed distantly by third place Twitter, at 3.22%, with LinkedIn (NYSE:LNKD) towards the bottom of the top ten at .78%.

Google’s dominance is not just limited to the UK, as offers a revealing look at the giant’s share of internet markets across the globe. Here are some jaw dropping numbers on the company’s search engine market share that show how Google is making the biggest land grab in Europe since the third reich. In France (NYSE:EWQ), 91% of internet searches go through Google, in Spain (NYSE:EWP), Germany (NYSE:EWG), and Switzerland (NYSE:EWL) that number is 93%, 94% in Portugal, 95% in the Netherlands (NYSE:EWN), Poland (NYSE:EPOL), and Romania, and 96% in Belgium (NYSE:EWK) and Hungary. The only two countries on the European continent where Google does not account for more than half of all searches are Russia and the Czech Republic. Maybe now its easier to see why Euro regulators are looking to bust up Google’s (NASDAQ:GOOG) parade.