Here’s MORE Kindling for the Web 2.0 IPO Bubble

I feel like since I covered the Demand Media (DMD) IPO, I can’t read two content-farm generated posts without another big development in the blazing hot Web 2.0 space.

Yesterday, ‘Creature from Jekyll’ Island bank JPMorgan (NYSE:JPM) raised $1.22 billion for their new social media fund. That’s at least 50% more money than expected. So, that’s at least 50% more money chasing valuations higher for the next big things. (Don’t Miss: “A Sneak Peek at the 5 Leaders of the Coming Social IPO Bubble“)

If you can’t hear Prince whispering “gonna party like it’s 1999,” then you’re too busy worrying about the housing market. That’s soooooooooo 2010!

Need some ideas about which companies JPMorgan is calling this morning? Courtesy of our friends over at Business Insider, here are 11 Huge Tech IPOs coming This Year:

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