Here’s the Best Performing Commodity

Unleaded gasoline (NYSE:UGA) has received the honor of the best performing commodity (NYSE:RJI) according to a Standard&Poor index measurement — even surpassing gold (NYSE:GLD).

The S&P GSCI Unleaded Gas Index has seen an 18% rise to date but a 25% percent increase over the past 12 months. This is considered a negative for consumer spending.

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In a statement by the S&P indicies division, it said of the gas rise:

“In a rapidly expanding U.S. economy, unleaded gas prices should be expected to rise due to increasing domestic demand pull forces but in a stagnant economy, higher unleaded gas prices are more of a consumer burden. Unless unleaded gas prices sustain a precipitous decline, little relief should be expected for cash strapped U.S. consumers.”

S&P’s broad commodity index has decreased 7% to date.

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