Here’s What Kellyanne Conway Really Does All Day in the Trump White House

Kellyanne Conway serves as Counselor to the President. But what does that mean? What does her job entail? We’ve got some answers for you.

Here’s what Kellyanne Conway really does all day in the Trump White House.

Her rise to the top

kellyanne conway on the front lawn of the white house

She worked on Trump’s campaign, then joined his White House staff. | Mark Wilson/Getty Images

Conway started out as Donald Trump’s campaign strategist. She then moved on to become his campaign manager in August 2016. Now she currently serves as Trump’s White House counselor.

Before serving in the Trump administration, Conway founded a political-polling business. When she sold the company in 2017 after 22 years in business, she estimated her stake in the company was roughly $1 million to $5 million.

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Kellyanne Conway is making the big bucks

KellyAnne Conway

She’s making serious cash.| Paul Morig/Getty Images

Conway is paid well for her services. And rightly so, considering the constant drama and stress that comes with working for the Trump administration. Conway earns the maximum annual White House salary of $179,700, according to the White House staff salaries report. Other staffers earning the maximum salary are Dan Scavino, the White House director of social media, and Stephen Miller, one of Trump’s senior policy advisers.

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Danger at work

Conway was granted Secret Service protection because of all the threats against her. | Win McNamee/Getty Images

Although you might not think there’s anything dangerous about being the president’s counselor, Conway says her job can come with some risk. Conway told New York magazine she has received her share of threats since taking on the role of counselor to the president.

After receiving a suspicious white substance and getting threats, Conway was given Secret Service protection. Said Conway in her New York magazine interview, “Most of [the threats] are online, and most of them are very explicit and graphic, and they’re sometimes people who have a history of following through but for whatever reason weren’t prosecuted.”

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A challenging job

Donald Trump and Kellyanne Conway

Trying to tell Trump anything is a tough job. | Mark Wilson/Getty Images

So, what exactly does Conway do all day? One thing is for sure, she has a pretty tough job. According to a report by New York magazine’s Olivia Nuzzi, Conway does the impossible. Says Nuzzi: “She’s the counselor to an uncounselable man, a spokeswoman for an administration whose message changes day to day, hour to hour.”

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She tweets

kellyann conway shouting

She tweets plenty of updates. | Mark Wilson/Getty Images

Twitter seems to be a big part of working for Trump’s White House. It’s definitely the president’s preferred form of communication. So, it’s not surprising Conway spends some of her time tweeting. She mostly tweets about interviews she has given and the latest White House news. Her followers get a steady stream of updates about all the things Trump and his administration are up to.

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She goes to meetings and takes care of details

Kellyanne Conway press conference

Conway is involved in important meetings. | Mark Wilson/Getty Images

Another big part of Conway’s job is going to meetings and handling some of the smaller details. Said New York magazine reporter Olivia Nuzzi, “In conversation, she is eager to explain that she’s in important meetings, important events, and privy to important information.” One detail Conway managed was assisting with the production of the Trump mannequin for Disney World’s Hall of Presidents.

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She makes television appearances

Kellyanne Conway TV interview

Conway is a regular on cable news. | Scott Eisen/Getty Images

If you watch cable television news, at some point you’ll likely see Kellyanne Conway. Much of Conway’s time is spent defending the Trump administration during television interviews. She has often been criticized, however, for dodging interview questions and spinning the truth. She was even called out by talk show host Seth Meyers for “pivoting” during a January 2017 interview, when she was asked whether Trump would release his tax returns.

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She leads initiatives

Kellyanne Conway and Jeff Sessions

She’s focused on fighting the opioid epidemic. | Mandel Ngan/AFP/Getty Images

Conway spends additional time acting as the spokeswoman for major White House initiatives. One of her biggest causes is the fight against the opioid epidemic. This is an issue very close to Trump because his brother, Fred Jr., died from alcohol addiction at the age of 42. Trump spoke about his brother’s struggle with addiction during a 2017 speech about the U.S. opioid crisis.

Conway tweets often about her efforts to raise awareness about opioid addiction. She recently spoke at the National Rx Drug Abuse & Heroin Summit, which is an annual conference on drug abuse.

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Kellyanne is facing opposition at home

George Conway husband of Kellyanne

Her husband has been critical of the president. | Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Although Conway fiercely defends Trump, she’s facing some opposition within her own home. In March 2018, her husband, George Conway, posted roughly 200 tweets and retweets that were highly critical of Donald Trump, reports HuffPost. However, he later deleted some of the controversial tweets.

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What’s next for Kellyanne?

Kellyanne Conway Speaks With Press About Possible Government Shutdown

Conway is sticking with Trump, at least for now. | Mark Wilson/Getty Images

Trump’s staff has been a revolving door lately, so one question some people might have on their minds is who will be next to leave the White House. Is it possible Conway shares her husband’s views about Donald Trump? Will Conway tire of her role? We’ll just have to wait and see if she will be next in a long line of employees who have made a swift exit.

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