Here’s What Your Breakfast Would Actually Cost If You Ate At Chip and Joanna Gaines’ New Restaurant

The stars of “Fixer Upper” have officially moved on to a brand-new business: food. Chip and Joanna Gaines’ new restaurant, based in Waco, Texas, serves breakfast, lunch, and whatever comes in-between. Their menu looks promising — but is it actually affordable?

Here’s how much every menu item at Magnolia Table costs — and the minimum amount you could spend if you ever actually got a chance to eat there.

Juice, coffee, and more

You’ll spend at least $3 on your morning coffee. | Tristan Fewings/Getty Images

A drink is the first thing you order when you sit down to eat. At breakfast, you’d likely opt for coffee, but not without spending $3 minimum. You’d typically drop $5.50 for 16 ounces of juice, if something sweet is more your style. Lemonade, soda, and sparkling water all cost around $3 as well.

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The sharables

Bread basket
A bread basket will run you $10 to $11. | Monticelllo/iStock/Getty Images

What’s the fun in eating with friends if you’re not allowed to share? Tater tots, bacon and eggs, and bread baskets are for everyone — but only for $10 or $11 each. You can technically order a platter of donut holes for only $6, but who in their right mind orders dessert first?

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Breakfast time

fried eggs and bacon slices
Bacon, eggs, and biscuits will cost $11. | Magone/iStock/Getty Images

If you don’t mind spending $9 on a bowl of steel-cut oatmeal, you’ll be perfectly happy eating here. The bad news is, that’s the cheapest item you can snag for breakfast. French toast or pancakes will cost you $12, and a seemingly simple plate of bacon, eggs, and biscuits will only cost a dollar less.

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Avocado toast

Avocado toast
Trendy avocado toast is also an option. | Arx0nt/iStock/Getty Images

Every millennial’s favorite brunch food gets its own category — but you won’t go broke ordering it. It’s actually one of the cheapest entrees on the entire menu, sharing a price with cinnamon powdered donut holes. You can probably guess which one’s more worth the cost.

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Grilled Cheese sandwick
If you’re not in the mood for breakfast, sandwiches are also on the menu. | msheldrake/iStock/Getty Images

Hungry for a sandwich? You’ll pay anywhere from $10 to $14 thanks to a side of maybe-slightly-healthier kettle chips. A grilled cheese sandwich will feed your cravings for cheap, but if you feel like splurging, they also offer a few really big burgers.

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Salads and soups

A healthier salad isn’t cheap. | Vitalssss/iStock/Getty Images

Would you pay $14 for a salad? You could very easily do so if you ordered a Simple Greens + Roasted Chicken salad from Magnolia. You could manage a basic tomato basil soup and salad combo for only $12, but you definitely shouldn’t settle for something green if you’re trying to save cash.

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Satisfying your sweet tooth

Vanilla Ice Cream
Splurge on some vanilla bean ice cream. | Bhofack2/iStock/Getty Images

Craving dip-able donut holes? You’ll drop $8 on the most expensive item on Magnolia Table’s dessert menu. You could settle for a fresh-baked chocolate chip cookie (only $3), but might also consider splurging on the $7 vanilla bean ice cream to top off your appetite.

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What’s the absolute least you could spend at Magnolia Table?

A grass-fed burger will set you back. | Nitrub/iStock/Getty Images

Theoretically, if you headed to Texas to sample anything (or everything) on the Magnolia Table menu, you could walk away satisfied — and with a little money still left over.

If you skipped out on a drink, appetizer, and dessert, you could get away with spending only $8 on avocado toast. Even a basic soup and salad combo will put you over $10. And if you’re wondering what the most expensive single-serving item is, well, we hope you really like (grass-fed) beef.

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