Salesforce LOVES Facebook

Salesforce (NYSE:CRM) CEO and founder Marc Benioff took the stage at TechCrunch in San Francisco earlier to tell the world about how well his company is doing, and apparently how great he thinks Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) is.

Sales force is the fifth most valuable software company in the world right now at $21 billion. This quarter they are expected to exceed the $3 billion annual revenue run rate. “We’ve had a great few years,” said Benioff.

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When asked about Facebook, Benioff said, “They have a great CEO, they have a great user base,” adding, “Facebook has the opportunity to be the next Google.” Unlike Facebook, Salesforce has done incredibly well since its IPO. Benioff claims Salesforce to be the fastest growing major software company in the world.

Benioff also noted that he may be coming to the table with a bias, as Facebook uses Salesforce for its sales operations and the Salesforce owned to manage human resources.  Facebook is up 3.3 percent today, perhaps in part because of Benioff’s glowing endorsement.

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