Here’s Why These 3 Stocks are Top Gainers on the S&P 500: GNW, HIG, KEY, SPY

The S&P 500 (NYSE:SPY) is up today by 1.05% and stands at 1,163. Here are three of the better performing stocks.

Genworth Financial, Inc. (NYSE:GNW): Genworth is up today along with other life insurance and property insurance companies as a result of the Harleysville buyout offer. Genworth is up 7.63%.

Hartford Financial Services Group (NYSE:HIG): Hartford is up in part because of the Harleysville buyout offer. Hartford also made up for losses yesterday, when it was announced that it would no longer sell its mutual fund unit. This decision was based on the fact that leveraged buyouts and M&A deals are increasingly problematic in this economic climate. Hartford is up 6.64%.

KeyCorp (NYSE:KEY): KeyCorp jumped at the beginning of this trading session as a consequence of increased optimism about the Eurozone on the margin. KeyCorp’s stock remains closely correlated to Europe’s sovereign debt crisis. KeyCorp is up 4.75%.