Hertz Offers Jaguar F-TYPE in Europe and 2 Other Hot Stocks to Watch

Hertz Global Holdings Inc. (NYSE:HTZ): Current price $26.21

The Hertz Corporation announced that it is now offering the award winning, two-seat convertible Jaguar F-TYPE for rental in France, Belgium, Germany, Italy, and The Netherlands, along with rights to exclusivity in Europe for six months. The sports car brings the introduction of Hertz Europe’s new Dream Collection, a group of iconic cars backed by the Make and Model guarantee, which says customers will drive away with the exact vehicle they booked.


Ford Motor Co. (NYSE:F): Current price $17.15

Certain analysts and investors believe that Ford in on track to become the preferred auto brand on the planet, after showing strong quarterly results in all major world regions, and that this change in consumer attitudes could elevate shares by 30 percent. President Michael Murphy of Rosecliff Capital said that “Ford is one of the few companies seeing better results in the U.S, China, and Europe. CEO Mulally’s plan for Europe will work. It’s very similar to the plan he laid out for the US.” Last week, Ford reported that sales rose by 15 percent, three times the world industry average, as calculated by Morgan Stanley.


Petrobras – Petroleo Brasileiro (NYSE:PBR): Current price $14.14

According to Kenneth Rapoza at Forbes, oil workers at Petrobras who are affiliated with the North Rio Petroleum Workers Union Sindipetro, went on a 24-hour work stoppage and closed 40 out of 48 deep sea oil platforms presently floating far off the coast of Espirito Santo and the Rio de Janeiro states. The union said that only security personnel were at work on the platforms, and that roughly 5,000 workers were involved in the strike, hoping that Petrobras will re-institute overtime pay for workers who spend nights on the oil rigs. The state-controlled company quit paying time off equal to 1.5 hours for each hour of overtime worked, and Sindipetro wants that reversed.


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