Hewlett Packard and 2 Huge DJIA Winners

The Dow Jones Industrial Average (NYSE:DIA) is up today by a very slight 0.12% and stands at 12,223. The large stocks below are among the positive performers today.

Hewlett Packard (NYSE:HPQ): Hewlett Packard is up on the news that it will keep its PC business. This decision is already priced into the stock, which is up 26% in the last five weeks. The question arises as to whether a focus on the PC business will detract Hewlett Packard from other business opportunities with better margins. Hewlett Packard may be hurt by higher PC costs as a consequence of the flooding in Thailand. Hewlett Packard is up 3.29%.

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Bank of America (NYSE:BAC): Even though Bank of America is up today, Morgan Stanley had downgraded the stock yesterday. The report pointed out that any reasons for significant movement in the stock may not come until no earlier than 2013. If the sovereign debt issues in Europe come back to haunt the markets, Bank of America is particularly susceptible. Bank of America is up 4.68%.

Alcoa (NYSE:AA): Alcoa is on a roll, as Europe’s rebound comes along with a huge amount of pent-up capital looking for a place to go. The weakened materials sector provides a good outlet for this capital. The stock is up 3.62%.

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