7 Surprising Lies HGTV Told You About Buying a Home These Days

HGTV and real life

Whitney and Martin Gaspar prepare to see their completed fixer upper with Chip and Joanna Gaines.

This type of homebuying and renovation process is more for entertainment than accuracy. | HGTV

Yet even if you accept that some HGTV programs are playing fast and loose with certain facts, you might think they’d teach you something about real estate. But viewers would do best to approach these shows as entertainment, not an educational lesson, experts say.

“It’s a very different world out there in real estate than they’re portraying,” said Sissy Lapin, author of Simple and Sold the co-founder of ListingDoor, a service that helps people sell their home on their own.

From misrepresenting the role real estate agents play in the process to creating confusion about the renovation process, here are some of the homebuying myths propagated by HGTV.

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