Hot Stocks with High Volume Today

Stocks have faded slightly this afternoon. Here’s a list of stocks with big interest and some data to go along with it:

1) Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT): Steve Ballmer gives the keynote at the Consumer Electronics Show and shares are up almost 2% today to $28.50 per share. Windows and Kinect will be strong catalysts for the company in 2011.

2) Las Vegas Sands Corp (NASDAQ:LVS): Shares are down over 1% to $47.47 this afternoon. Profits are being taken into 5-day strength leading up to the launch of CES in Las Vegas last evening.

3) NVIDIA (NASDAQ:NVDA): Shares popped 8% higher today trading at $18.30 currently. The company displayed new phones based on its Tegra mobility chips. Nvidia also announced a plan to make core computer processors.

4) Wells Fargo (NYSE:WFC): Bloomberg news is reporting that foreclosures may possibly be undone by a state ruling on mortage transfer. Shares are trading at $32.21 today, settling after an early morning mini-spike.

5) Chimera Investment Corp. (NYSE:CIM): Shares are ticking up a few pennies today above $4 per share as this dividend darling is hitting published lists of top dividend paying stocks for 2011. The company sports a 16% dividend.

6) Intel Corp (NASDAQ:INTC): The stock is trading down after Microsoft announced a chip deal for Windows with Arm Holding Inc.

7) Micron Technology (NASDAQ:MU): Since 2011 started shares have climbed from $8 to $8.62 today. The stock is up 1% today. Last year, the stock dragged and has lately been a turnaround pick in the first week of trading in 2011.

8) Level 3 Communications (NASDAQ:LVLT): The stock is flat today at $1.13 with 19,281,900 shares traded this afternoon. Shares finished 2010 under a $1 and have since gained above in 2011.

9) Applied Materials (NASDAQ:AMAT): Shares hit the $14 mark this morning on a huge spike higher from yesterday’s close.

10) MGM Resorts (NYSE:MGM): The stock is trading down almost 2% today at $15.18 per share. The 52-week high for 2010 was $16.66 per share. Shares have been in a bullish uptrend since hitting $9 per share in August of 2010. It also helps the CES is in Las Vegas this week with 100,000+ attendees.

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