How to Get the Internship You Want at a Great Company

Source: Thinkstock

Source: Thinkstock

Many students associate getting an internship with getting a job after college. While your success at obtaining the job you want has a lot to do with your ability to interview, there’s no denying that relevant work experience is a necessity to get that interview. Internships won’t guarantee you a job, but they can help to build up your resume, teach you valuable skills, and hopefully, introduce you to key contacts in your field. Recently, Glassdoor released the “25 Highest Rated Companies for Internships” for 2015. Of course it will benefit you to get an internship at a well-known company, but your experience will be even better if you can find an internship at a company with a friendly work environment. The Glassdoor list reveals the companies that offer the best experience (based on reviews from interns); here is a little more information on those companies, as well as tips on obtaining the internship you want.

Facebook took the number one spot on the list. According to Glassdoor, the interns reported enjoying the inclusive and creative company culture, as well as working with intelligent colleagues, and also participating in projects that had a big impact. Interns at Facebook are a diverse population meant to demonstrate Facebook users, and the interns are able to work on the same projects as employees.

Chevron came in second, with 93% of reviewers approving of the CEO, and 85% recommending it to a friend. Google placed third, and workers appreciated the free food and opportunity for career development. Quicken Loans came in fourth place, and eBay ranked number five. Other well-known companies included Yahoo!, State Farm, Microsoft, and The Walt Disney Company.

Each of the companies on Glassdoor’s list have their own requirements for internships, but there are certain steps you can take if you hope to get an internship at one of these places, or another great company. Glassdoor offers a search option that allows you to search for internships or other jobs, and this tool is a great place to start your search. You can find many internship openings with the 25 companies mentioned, as well as other businesses.

Obviously, you should proofread all of your application materials, and you should dress professionally at your interview. However, in order to successfully obtain the internship you want, you will need to stand out from other applicants. According to Bankrate, you should try to target your application materials. Try to highlight relevant skills, share why you want the internship in your cover letter, and be sure to follow up with the employer. You should also show in your application that you are prepared for and interested in the internship, and that you have done your research and you are eager to work at that specific company.

According to Investopedia, experiences can come from more than just work. Clubs, special classes, and even skills learned at other jobs (that don’t seem directly related initially) can help boost your resume. Also, consider asking questions about the company at your interview, so that you appear interested and thoughtful. You can also set yourself apart by stating that you are flexible regarding job duties.

Another way to work toward getting the internship you want is to consider talking to a career development specialist or other professional at your school whose job it is to help you succeed. Many career development centers at colleges offer resume help, as well as help searching for an internship. Also, most schools have connections with specific local companies.

Getting an internship is a lot like getting a job, except that you may not feel like you have the necessary experience. Setting your application apart will help you. There are many great companies to work for. If you want to get an internship at one of the best places to intern, you will need to have a stellar application. Of course, good grades and other relevant work experience will help too.

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