IBM Will Invest $1 Billion in Linus Tech for Its Servers and 2 Other Dow Movers to Watch

International Business Machines Corp. (NYSE:IBM): Current price $191.95

IBM announced its plans at LinuxCon 2013 Tuesday to invest $1 billion in new Linux and open source technologies for its Power Systems servers. The investment should aid clients in capitalizing on big data and cloud computing using modern systems designed to handle the new wave of applications coming to the data center in the post-PC era. Two immediate initiatives announced include a new client center in Europe and a Linux on Power development cloud, which will center upon the rapidly expanding IBM’s ecosystem supporting Linux on Power Systems that, today, represents thousands of independent software vendors and open source applications globally.


Travelers Cos. (NYSE:TRV): Current price $84.98

On Tuesday, Trevelers released the baseline data for its new Consumer Risk Index, which is an annual survey that gives insight into the sort of risks that the American public believes to be most possible in their everyday lives. According to the Index, 63 percent of Americans perceive their world becoming a riskier place, while just 15 percent think it less risky. The greatest levels of worry focus on their financial security, loss of privacy and identity theft, personal safety, and the growing frequency of severe weather.

The introduction of Travelers’ Consumer Risk Index is in conjunction with National Preparedness Month, which is observed every September, reminds individuals and families that they should consider how to plan for and better manage unexpected events which might impact their daily lives.


AT&T Inc. (NYSE:T): Current price $34.76

Knowledgeable sources say that AT&T is searching out buyers for its wireless towers and is working with TAP Advisors LLC and JPMorgan Chase & Co. on the sale. The people also related that the assets could bring some $5 billion, and possible buyers include Crown Castle International Corp., SBA Communications Corp., and American Tower Corp. AT&T had reported in March that it is amenable to the sale of the wireless towers and other peripheral assets.


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