If You Want to Work With Animals, These Unusual Jobs Will Give You the Best Job Satisfaction You’ve Ever Had

Do you love animals? Is it time for a career change? You don’t have to settle for just any “normal” job — and there are plenty of options out there for animal lovers of all skill levels. These unique jobs let you work or on behalf of the animals you want to have the best, happiest lives possible — and you can be happy while doing your job, too. Number 15 on the list is a dream job for many kids.

1. Wildlife rehabilitator


Wildlife rehabilitators care for orphaned or injured animals. | Matt_Gibson/iStock/Getty Images

Wildlife rehabilitation involves caring for and treating wild animals who have been displaced, orphaned, or injured. The ultimate goal is to eventually release these animals back into the wild. If that isn’t possible, they’re often used for educational purposes while kept in a safe and suitable environment.

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2. Animal welfare lawyer


Animal rights lawyers are paid well for what they do. | 3drenderings/iStock/Getty Images

Want to get involved with the legal side of animal welfare? Animal welfare or animal rights lawyers build cases in defense of animal cruelty, veterinary malpractice, and many other forms of organizational or individual mistreatment of animals.

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3. Guide dog trainer

Training a dog

Guide dog trainers help train dogs to help people with disabilities. | Kzenon/iStock/Getty Images

Guide dog trainers are responsible for teaching a puppy everything it needs to know to become a working guide dog for people living with vision loss. Once the dog is fully trained, trainers then assist new guide dog owners, training the two to work in tandem.

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4. Aquarist


Aquarists keep an aquarium safe and healthy for the fish inside. | MandM_Photo/iStock/Getty Images

The exact responsibilities of an aquarist might depend on the size or location of the aquarium. Most juggle a variety of daily tasks, from maintaining tank cleanliness and temperature to feeding animals to giving educational presentations to visitors.

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5. Snake venom milker


Yes, snake venom milkler is a real job. | Digital Vision/iStock/Getty Images

  • Average annual salary: $30,000

It’s a real job — and a pretty important one. Zoos and serpentariums often employ professionals to extract venom from poisonous snakes. This is the only way to create anti-venom, which can save the lives of anyone bitten by a rattlesnake, viper, or other dangerous serpent.

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6. Animal colorist

Paint brush

If you want to give your pet a unique look, you might hire an animal colorist. | Nata_zhekova/iStock/Getty Images

  • Average annual salary: $50,000

Some artist put their skills to adorable use — by dyeing horses or adding specific designs to dogs’ faces or bodies. Professionals sometimes use non-toxic dyes in filmmaking, for example, when a script calls for a dog of a certain color that can’t be found naturally — like an actor coloring his hair to fit a role.

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7. Animal nutritionist

Woman in lab coat

Good nutrition is important for animals too. | Julief514/iStock/Getty Images

Animals have to eat just like us — and animal nutritionists can help organizations figure out what or how much to feed them. It requires some extensive knowledge of both nutrition and animal behavior, so you typically have to get your doctorate before you can get a job.

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8. Animal dentist

Roaring tiger

An animal dentist might help keep this tiger’s canines clean. | Molero110/iStock/Getty Images

Veterinary dentists do exactly what you think: clean and operate on animals’ mouths. They might work with larger animals, like those in captivity in zoos, or smaller animals like cats or dogs who need some extra hygiene help.

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9. Zoo interpreter

Lion with a cub

Zoo interpreters educate visitors about animals. | Ricardoreitmeyer/iStock/Getty Images

A zoo interpreter position offers you the chance to educate zoo guests about the animals and exhibits they are visiting and/or interacting with. Depending on the facility, some zoo interpreters might also assist with cleaning and feeding exhibits and their inhabitants.

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10. Wolf biologist


Wolf biologists might study the behavior of a wolf pack. | Cloudtail_the_Snow_Leopard/iStock/Getty Images

Some wolf biologists study the behaviors and migration patterns of wolves in their natural habitats, which means they spend a lot of time outdoors. Others work with wolves in captivity, or work to relocate wolves to new natural habitats.

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11. Exotic animal vetetinarian

A Centralian carpet python lies coiled at Sydney Wildlife World

An exotic animal vet works to care for and treat wild animals. | Greg Wood/AFP/Getty Images

Exotic or wild animal veterinarians often work with wildlife rehabilitators to care for and treat wild animals. This can include sedating animals before surgeries, giving them vaccines, treating wounds, and cleaning teeth.

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12. Pet adoption counselor

Doctor checking in animal shelter

A pet adoption counselor helps match pets and prospective owners. | Halfpoint/iStock/Getty Images

Pet adoption counselors typically work in shelters and help prospective owners find suitable pets in need of loving homes. They might also take on additional administrative duties as an animal shelter employee, like finalizing adoptions, walking dogs, or answering phones.

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13. Dog breeder


Dog breeders are incredibly knowledgeable about specific breeds. | Gaikphotos/iStock/Getty Images

Dog breeders have a superior knowledge of specific breeds, and are trained to select the best candidates for breeding purposes. They’re responsible for the health and care of their dogs and litters, but must also be able to manage tasks like registering dogs with the AKC, working with veterinarians, and more.

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14. Exercise rider

Horse riding

Racehorse need to be exercised when they’re not running at the track.| AsyaPozniak/iStock/Getty Images

An exercise rider works with racehorses, riding and controlling them during their workouts. Exercise riders are trained to sense how fast a horse is traveling, since a trainer will typically expect them to work the horse at a certain speed.

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15. Marine biologist

Scuba diving

Marine biologist is a dream job for many. | Grafner/iStock/Getty Images

Marine biologists study the behaviors, habitats, and the diseases that often impact ocean wildlife. Many of them also keep tabs on how humans interact with and impact those habitats.

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