If You Work 1 of These Jobs, Trump’s Tax Plan Won’t Help You

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You might not like what you could get under President Donald Trump’s tax plan. | Win McNamee/Getty Images

Most people have one question about the Republican tax plan: What’s in it for me? If you’re a billionaire and/or member of President Donald Trump’s Cabinet, you know you’ll get a massive tax cut.

The plan will not be as kind to the average American. An analysis by the nonpartisan Tax Policy Center showed why some members of Congress should probably hide from constituents these days.

Within a decade, “taxes would rise for roughly one-quarter of taxpayers, including nearly 30 percent of those with incomes between about $50,000 and $150,000,” the authors wrote. The Tax Policy Center projected the biggest winners would be those earning over $730,000. (The so-called “death tax,” which would end, only affects estates with values over $5.4 million.)

Keeping those numbers in mind, we looked at the jobs that will be taxed higher as the 1% gets richer. If you work in these professions, you’ll see little benefit and might pay more in taxes under the GOP plan.

15. Elementary school teacher

According to PayScale, the median salary for elementary school teachers tops $50,000 in large U.S. cities. Houston teachers earned a median salary of $52,056 in 2015, and many of those individuals could pay more in taxes over the next decade.

Teachers in this income bracket fall under the “middle quintile,” where people earn between $47,400 and $69,700. According to Tax Policy Center, 28% of that group would pay an extra $1,290 by the next decade. Otherwise, your tax break would net you $1,100.

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