IHS Earnings Call Insights: Organic Growth, GlobalSpec

On Monday, IHS, Inc. Class A (NYSE:IHS) reported its second quarter earnings and discussed the following topics in its earnings conference call. Take a look.

Organic Growth

Eric Boyer – Wells Fargo: It sounds like a little bit more concern on the global environment, concerning everything that’s going on. Scott, is your goal still 9% for organic growth? And then, could you walk us through what you are thinking about in terms of subscription and non-subscription organic revenue growth ranges in the second half of the year that get you to 9%?

Jerre L. Stead – Chairman and CEO: Yeah. I’ll start Eric. That’s a good question. I think just two things. I’ll let Scott answer the question in a minute, Eric, on his personal goal. But if you do the math with the increased guidance we just gave you and with the actual for the first half, you can see actually a significant increase in both, revenue for the second half to make the guidance for the year and EBITDA, and those margins in the second half with current annual guidance would be 33.5% for the second half. What we tried to say is, despite not because but despite the uncertainty in the world we feel good, in fact we feel very good about what we’re doing and as Scott said in his script, it clearly is giving us some revenue when uncertainty comes, so Scott that 7 to 10 is what we continue to see. Scott, you said 8 to 9 for the last time.

Scott Key – President and COO: That’s right. I think Eric, several things. You understand the level of transformation and investment we are making to position for future growth and of course that’s a lot going on in IHS and working quite well, as Jerry said in our scripted materials. We still continue to believe the range that we have outlined is the right range and see it past to the aspiration I have laid out, which is really the baseline for the long term growth of the business. I would tell you this, as we’ve said in previous calls, over 80% of business is growing today above 12% and we talk about the 15% which is the product design business and the importance of the GlobalSpec acquisition as a first great step for us. So we really see every piece of the business starting to move in the right direction and I announced a long list of really important product releases that are about that future growth. So despite the headwinds we seem to be doing well, if there is any caution on our part because we are positioning so strongly for future growth and I think thus far the results in this quarter show we’re weathering the headwinds pretty well.


Brian Karimzad – Goldman Sachs: Scott, do you mind walking through some more color on the mechanics of the GlobalSpec business today and kind of what the mix of it is and then how you see that, your execution revolving that over the next couple of years?

Jerre L. Stead – Chairman and CEO: What’s exciting about this one is 7 million engineers and across the globe. So GlobalSpec has more than half of those 7 million engineers coming from outside IHS, coming to GlobalSpec every single day to answer critical questions. Our historical PLC business, as you might know, Brian is 15% of revenues in total. It’s royalty base, which means the margins are dilutive and it’s growth rate, as we said, has been solid but not what we need across IHS for the long run. So we have a great opportunity. Our previous business really was not engaging engineers in workflow tools and that prevented us from bringing the breadth of what we can do today already to those engineers every single day, so whether it’s environmental compliance on (part) or an extended view of the (parts) universe, whether it’s commodities and price, or impacts on design from regulation. Those are the things we can’t do (indiscernible), we can’t do today. So you’ll see us quickly do that with those engineers, bringing them a broader array of high value information and insight and then we’ll take those 7 million engineers and you may know GlobalSpec has almost 100% of the revenue in the U.S. So, they haven’t leveraged fully all global markets. So we’ll take them to IHS Global Markets very, very rapidly. So accelerate their existing business model and then transform it to a great subscription model globally.